Terms and Conditions

The company that your contract is with is below trading as The Property Crew.

Propserv Ltd
Unit 225, Q West, Great West Road
London, TW8 OGP

Company registration number – 08696657

Vat No- 176227203

1. Parties, Definitions and Interpretation.

In these terms and conditions (referred to as “The Terms” in this document) the singular will mean plural and plural will mean singular.

The company Propserv Ltd will be otherwise referred to as The Property Crew operating under licence to use the trading name and branding. (Abbreviated for these T’s & C’s as TPC.)

The customer will mean the customer for whom TPC are carrying out the works and the terms and conditions do not distinguish between a domestic customer and a corporate customer, unless a specific contract and set of payment terms is specifically executed in writing and countersigned by a director of TPC and the customer, these terms and conditions will take precedence. The customer shall refer to the customer and the customer’s agent and both are deemed served with a notification if either party is issued with such a notification or an invoice or any documentation. The Contract shall refer to the agreement between TPC and the customer to carry out the work(s).
In writing includes email and letter except where it comes to terms and conditions. It is specifically understood by the customer and TPC that the terms are not altered by exchanges of email or letter and any such confirmation is simply a supplement and acts as such. These terms and conditions are deemed valid unless a variation to same is signed by a director of TPC and the Client or Clients agent.
Masculine will infer feminine and feminine will infer masculine in all cases.
Days will be calendar days

2. Accounts

2.1 No customer will have a credit account unless agreed between the TPC and the customer in writing. To set up a credit/trade account, the customer will be required to complete an account set up form, please request. TPC will assess the application and if agreeable to open a credit account, a credit account agreement pack will be issued and executed between TPC and the customer in writing.

Each account may have varied payment terms but none shall be greater than 30 days from date of invoice and invoices will be issued immediately on completion of the works or stages of works.

Where a contract has a rolling part performance, invoices will be issued mid-month or at agreed milestones depending on the arrangement. In any event by the end of one calendar month the invoice must be settled or it will be deemed overdue.

2.2 TPC reserves the right to refuse a customer an account and is not required to give a statement of reason(s) for such refusal.

3. Estimates & Payments

3.1 TPC will issue a rate quotation and/or a firm quotation once the enquiry has been analysed and/or a site visit carried out. The rates as per our rate card on our website will only be varied if specifically given in writing by TPC.

In the case of a firm quotation that will be given in writing and while the vast majority of jobs/quotes do not go over the estimate, the schedule of works on the quotation given will define the works. If a drawing issued shows work that is not on our quotation list it will be deemed an extra to TPC.

3.2 Where a job is time and materials

  • Minimum 1 hour per tradesperson. Number of hours by the rate (agreed) or if not agreed the rate card on our website.
  • Each ½ hour thereafter rounder up to the nearest ½ hour
  • Materials are billed at cost plus 15%
  • Special plant and equipment at cost plus 35%

3.3 Our tradesmen/engineers are not permitted to quote and provide an estimate of time & material to the office and we quote thereafter. 

Means of settling invoices are as follows:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit/Debit card

A VAT invoice will be issued from our office (at latest) one week following payment & completion of the works or stage of the works.

3.4 In cases where we have issued a fixed price lump sum quotation, there will be no variations, either credits or extras to the contract unless specifically agreed by both parties as out of scope. In a case where there is a dispute as to whether a body of work is a variation, and TPC have issued an out of scope notice that is disputed, the Federation of Master Builders contract (works under £50,000) will govern the resolution of such a dispute.

3.5 Unless specifically varied on the quotation, TPC will require payment for 30% of the lump sum price prior to commencement of the works, 30% mid-way and 40% on completion of the works.

3.6 Completion of the work will be determined when TPC advice the customer and or the customer’s agent that the work is complete, save for minor defects (Practical Completion). The customer will have 14 days to issue one snag list. TPC will have 14 days to complete the snag list and on completion of the snag list, it will be signed off by the customer or customer’s agent.

3.7. Estimates are subject to amendment or withdrawal any time prior to the instruction to proceed on foot of our approximate estimate. All estimates 30 days or older are deemed withdrawn and subject to amendment upwards or downwards.

3.8 No contract is deemed to exist until the estimate is accepted either verbally or in writing by the customer and all estimates are subject to alteration until the work begins on site at deemed acceptance by both TPC and the Customer. The commencement of works on site is deemed as full acceptance by the customer and TPC.

4. Variations to the price.

4.1 TPC are obliged to advise the customer of a change to the scope as work progress and this can be done in writing or verbally. Whilst we will endeavour not to carry out any unquoted work, we cannot be held liable if works are done and not listed on our quotation. This is not relevant on time and material scenarios.

  1. Rates

    5.1 TPC’s rates are on our website or can be inspected at our office in Unit 225, Q West, Great West Road, Brentford, London, TW8 0GP during normal business hours Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm. We reserve the right to make changes to the rates without notice to our customers. If a rate has changed since an instruction to proceed, the rate at time of instruction is deemed the approximate rate. If TPC fail to notify and issue a new approximate quotation, rates will be charged at the lower of the two rates in question.

    5.2 Rates are charged at half hourly intervals and all time is rounded up to the nearest 1/2 hour. A minimum of 1 hr is chargeable and after 6pm and Saturday, Sunday and public holidays a minimum of 2 hrs are chargeable.

We do not charge a callout fee but there is a minimum charge of 1 hour for all trades (after 6pm, Saturday, Sunday and all holiday periods it’s a minimum of 2hrs.)

5.3 All rates are subject to VAT

6. Late Payment

6.1 All bills must be settled within 7 calendar days of the invoice

6.2 All credit accounts will be a maximum of 30 days from date of invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing by TPC.

6.3 Interest of 12% above bank of England base rate will be charged on overdue accounts or in the case where credit/debit cards decline payment.

6.4 No certificates or O&M manuals will be issued in a case where payment is outstanding beyond the due date.

7. Cancellation Policy

7.1 if the customer cancels the planned works 4 hrs in advance of the planned date, there is no charge. If the customer cancels the job or a no show on keys or access less the full amount is payable by the customer.

7.2 In the case of a block booking of a tradesman or trades men for a defined number of hours or days as specified by the customer, the customer will be responsible for the full amount of that time allotted. In the event that the job(s) take a shorter time, the customer will be obliged to utilize the tradesman’s time in the carrying out of further jobs or may elect to discharge the tradesman in the knowledge that the full allotted time booked will be paid for by the customer.

8. The Property Crew Way

Our trade’s men are trained and briefed in the manner in which we expect them to behave in your home or property. In the most unlikely event that you are concerned in any way please contact our office and we will attend to the matter promptly. We are passionate about the three foundations of our core service

A. Our Skill and craftsmanship

B Our Courtesy and Reliability

C. Our respect that we are in your home and the way we leave it and interface with you as our customer is vital to our success and our brand.

Our trades are issued with a code of conduct document and every effort is made to ensure we hold true to our codes of practice and values as above, however cannot accept consequential liability for matter not entirely within our control.

9. Force majeure

9.1 TPC will not be responsible for an act of Force Majeure (strike, lock out, storm, earthquake or acts of God as defined in Insurance terms and conditions) and TPC will not be responsible for any loss or damaged caused by the inability to carry out our work as a result.

10.0 Dates & times for start and completion.

10.1 Whilst TPC will always endeavour to arrive on time and complete works on time, times and dates are regarded as approximate and we will not accept any loss, direct or consequential as a result of changes to the dates planned.

  1. Indemnities, Insurances & Obligations

    11.1 TPC will make available to the customer our Employers, contract works and Public Liability insurance. We will not accept any responsibility for design carried out by others nor should any advice given as to how a job should be executed be deemed to constitute design. A full breakdown of our insurances and limits of indemnity and any restrictions is available at our office in 225 Q West, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, London, TW 80GP. The customer shall indemnify TPC against all loss, damage, claims, demands and charges arising out of a customer breach of obligation, representations or warranty.

    11.2 The customer shall disclose all knowledge relating to the state of repair of a property that would be material to TPC in the carrying out of their works. No responsibility will be taken for damage caused as a result of a customer’s failure to advise TPC of a risk that was known to exist within the property.

    11.3 TPC’s liability for damage or Loss will be limited to the following:
    Repair or making goodand reinstating the works to the condition they were in prior to the works being carried out pursuant to clause 11 below.

    Injury, Loss or death as a direct result of negligence on the part of TPC
    Reasonable cost of repair or replacement of the works fabric only.
    We will ne be responsible for professional fees over 20% of the cost of the cost of repairing the works fabric.
    We will not be responsible for consequential loss however so occurring.

    12.0 Defects and responsibility thereunder.

    12.1 In contract works, TPC will be responsible for the rectification of a defect which has manifested itself within 12 months of the works being carried out. In the case where a defect manifests itself after the 12-month period, the defect will not be covered howsoever it arises. TPC will be responsibility for the rectification of the defect only in the specific area where TPC carried out its works. TPC will require the customer to make the defect known to TPC in writing within the stipulated six months. TPC and its insurers will inspect the defect and where TPC is satisfied the defect is in fact caused by TPC’s workmanship, the defect will be repaired without delay. TPC will not be responsible for the failure of materials where supplied by others nor any disruption or consequential loss that such a defect had upon a customer.

    12.2 In the event that TPC are required to attend site and it is found that the defect is not the responsibility of TPC, we reserve the right to charge an hourly rate for the time taken to inspect. In the event that works were required to be opened up and the responsibility for the defect was not that of TPC, we will require payment for the repair of the works to make good and close up.

    TPC will not be responsible where the following occurs:

    a. Misuse or abuse of the works or fabric of the works
    b. A guarantee provide by a manufacturer will not be counter guaranteed by TPC
    c. Structures or Systems that we did not install or installed only in part
    d. Failure of the works as a result of design by the customer’s agent(s)
    e. Failure of the works as a result of undisclosed factors or circumstances not disclosed by the

    f. failure of the works as a result of other contractors or agents working on behalf of the customer.
    g. Drainage damaged by subsidence or roots of trees
    h. Subsidence of a structure not built in its entirety by TPC.
    i. Radon gas under floor slab
    j. Pyrite in substructures
    k. Damage caused by malicious cause or accidental cause other than by a TPC tradesman

    13.0 Removal of Waste

    13.1 Whilst TPC willremove all rubbish to a place provided at the customers cost, and leave the job clean and tidy, the customer will be responsible for the removal of all waste unless specifically quoted in the job quote.

    14.0 Damage caused by frost, flood, snow or intense heat.

    14.1 TPC will not be responsible for damage caused by frost (frozen pipes), water penetration above DPC or the effects of snow or intense heat.

    15.0 Inspection and sign off of Customer payment confirmation

    15.1 The customer will be required to inspect the works immediately on completion (or as soon as practicable but not less than 24 hours from the date of completion) If the works are not to the satisfaction of the customer or customers agent, the customer will be required to give a written note of the defects within 7 days. TPC will attend to the defects and offer same for re inspection within 14 days of receipt of the written notice.

Under no circumstances will the customer withhold payment for the works pending the outcome of this process. The customer payment advice will be offered for signature to the customer or customer’s agent and failure to sign off will not result in a delay in payment to TPC. The payment will be deducted from the credit or debit card and TPC will post a copy of the Customer payment advice to the customer for signature.

16.0 Access

The customer will provide uninterrupted access to TPC to carry out their works. Any skips, skip permits, parking bay suspension will be arranged by the customer (advice on this will be given by TPC’s customer service agent)
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the work environment is safe and free of hazards at all times. If the works require access to drains and utilities, it will be the responsibility of the customer to make arrangements in this regard.

The customer will provide a set of as built plans if available to guide TPC in the works being carried out.
If the works require access to neighbours or 3rd party properties, the customer will be responsible for arranging such access and permissions.

The customer will indemnify TPC against and claims as a result of 3rd parties being adversely affected by the works unless of course there is a clear blatant breach of duty on the part of TPC.

If access is obstructed or impossible, the customer will settle TPC’s account and arrangements made to ensure access and allow the job to be rescheduled.

17.0 All utilities necessary and storage of goods and tools overnight

17.1 The customer will provide power and water necessary for the execution of the works by TPC.

17.2 The customer will allow TPC to store materials and tools overnight for execution of the works if the work spans over 2 consecutive days or more. The customer will ensure all insurance is in place to cover such tools, equipment and materials for the duration of the works.

18.0 Permission to execute works.

18.1 TPC will assume if called by a customer that the customer (if not the property owner) has the landlords prior consent to execute the works. We will not be held responsible for any loss resulting in a dispute between a landlord and tenant or joined in any dispute between a landlord and a tenant.

19.0 Rights and Remedies in common law

19.1 Nothing contained in these terms and conditions shall prejudice TPC’ or the customers rights under common law.

19.2 The jurisdiction for resolution of disputes if they arise will be deemed to be the Laws of England & Wales.

Our Rate Card

On this page you will see our charges for our non-account customers. For planned maintenance or refurbishment, please contact us during normal working hours which are 8am to 6pm.

Our Rate Schedule below shows our Standard, Overtime & Late Night half hourly rates, with 1/2 day and Full Day rates as stated. All rates shown exclude VAT at prevailing rate.

We do not charge a callout fee however the minimum charge is 1 Hr with 2 Hrs chargeable after 6pm and on Saturdays, Sundays and all holiday periods





2022 Rates







1/2 Day Rate

 (4 hours pre booked)

Full Day Rate

 (8 hours pre booked)


General Domestic Plumbing











PAT Tests

£85 / 3 BEDS + £130



PAT & EICR Combined



Carpentry / General Building












Gas Domestic





Gas Safety Report / cert


Boiler Servicing


GSC, EICR & PAT Combined





Painter & Decorator











Brick / Blocklayer


General Builder